Sage Parts announces new tyre launch

posted on 16th July 2019 by William Hayes
Sage Parts announces new tyre launch

Replacement ground support equipment (GSE) supplier Sage Parts has announced the release of a new tyre designed specifically for use on baggage carts and dollies.

Dubbed Solidgold and Solidgold+, the tyres are designed to dissipate the load bearing weight in the event a baggage cart or dolly is driven long distances, as this maintains the tyre temperatures at lower levels.

“The Solidgold tyres represent the highest levels of quality, durability, longevity, and value,” said Steven Ganin, Sage Parts Product Manager-Tyre Specialist.

“And as the industry’s foremost supplier of GSE replacement parts, providing a high-quality tyre like Solidgold is essential to meeting our customer’s expectations.”

The two tyres, although designed with similar functionalities in mind, have slightly different specifications – the Solidgold being a premium 2-stage solid tyre and wheel assembly and the Solidgold possessing a 3-stage premium solid tyre and wheel assembly.

The announcement comes just days after the supplier delivered the 4,000th unit of another product, the Ramptech belt loader safety handrail system.