Sage Parts launches state-of-the-art PCA Adaptor

posted on 13th February 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Sage Parts launches state-of-the-art PCA Adaptor

Sage Parts, the world’s leading supplier of replacement parts for ground support equipment, has announced a revolutionary patented PCA Adaptor that takes innovative features, product quality and durable performance to unprecedented heights.

Sage’s new Ramptech PCA Adaptor is the result of extensive R&D and leading-edge manufacturing.

Our market research among GSE operators and ground support operations throughout the industry showed a need for a next-generation PCA adaptor specifically created to solve inherent issues that are common with many pre-conditioned air adaptors currently in use on ramps worldwide,” said Jimmy Derichsweiler, Sage Parts Director of Product Management.

Among those issues is excessive wear and tear to ducting caused by dragging the assembly back and forth from storage to the aircraft. Another is dropping the assembly from the connection point. In addition to severely damaging ducting, dragging and dropping can also cause damage to the external handles on most existing PCA adaptors.

The new Ramptech PCA Adaptor from Sage Parts is engineered with 360-degree wear-guards and a circular handle designed to surround and protect PCA ducting and the adaptor itself. This eliminates possible damage to ducting caused by ground contact while preventing harm to operators’ hands resulting from worn, sharp edges on the handle.

Other state-of-the-art features engineered into Sage’s Ramptech PCA Adaptor include: an integrated 360-degree swivel designed to ensure proper ducting alignment and maximize ergonomics, making the adaptor easier to connect to and remove from any size aircraft; a special guard lip that provides full-seal gasket protection and makes certain the gasket remains intact and reliable while ensuring proper fit to the aircraft and eliminating air leakage; tool-free changing of the gasket; and high open area rodent screen for optimal air flow.

In developing the new Ramptech PCA Adaptor we conducted a wide array of field studies, gaining comprehensive feedback and in-depth knowledge about the challenges that many ground support operations face with outdated adaptor designs,” said Ruddy Castillo, Sage Parts Director of Product Engineering and Quality Control.

We then took all that feedback and knowledge, and worked side by side with one of the world’s top manufacturer to create a uniquely innovative, highly robust and long lasting PCA adaptor that is nothing short of the best of the best…engineered to deliver strong return on investment for GSE operators by protecting ducting, enhancing on-ramp productivity, and increasing operator safety and ease of use.”

The Sage Parts Ramptech PCA Adaptor is lightweight, fits any aircraft and any locking configuration, and is maintenance-free.