Somerset County Airport seeks bids for fuel farm project

posted on 9th September 2019 by William Hayes

Somerset County commissioners are soliciting bids for jobs replacing Somerset County Airport’s fuelling facility, as well as the perimeter fence that surrounds it.

An upgraded fuel farm is to be built above ground, replacing two 45,000-litre storage tanks, which will be excavated and removed from the site, according to Airport Manager David Wright.

“Having the new system above ground is going to help because right now, when something goes wrong, we can’t send our staff out there to inspect it. Companies want $10,000 just to investigate the tanks,” he said.

The final cost of the project will be determined by the bids, with early estimates suggesting the county would pay $152,500, with an additional $457,500 coming from state support.

Bids should be awarded in mid-October if all goes to plan, meaning construction on both projects would begin on November 4.