Staff at JFK petition employer over alleged wage theft

posted on 11th September 2019 by William Hayes
Staff at JFK petition employer over alleged wage theft

Eulen America employees at John F. Kennedy International Airport are petitioning their employer over alleged wage theft through a workforce app.

Queens Boroug President Melinda Katz and U.S. Representative Carolyn Maloney have spoken out in support of the workers, who claim the Kronos app docked them for lunch breaks they did not take, amongst other issues.

“In a show of strength, you have stood up and demanded better working conditions by holding actions at four major airports,” said Katz.

“Eulen America should understand that they need to address the issues you have identified. I stand in solidarity with you today and moving forward to ensure you get the working conditions and respect you deserve.”

Eulen America, a private contractor that hires wheelchair attendants, baggage handlers and cabin cleaners at JFK, rolled out the app in December 2018, requiring employees to use it to check-in and check-out of work.

But staff have complained that not only does the app register non-existent lunch breaks, but it also makes it difficult to track payments as it keeps requiring employees to change their passwords.

“Every now and again I have to change my password,” said Levelle Lindsay, a bag runner for Eulen. “It won’t recognize my password so I have to change to another one every two months.”