Swissport Celebrates One-Year Anniversary in Italy

posted on 14th July 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Swissport Celebrates One-Year Anniversary in Italy

Swissport Italy embarked on an extraordinary endeavor by taking over the ITA Airways’ hub operation at Rome Fiumicino airport.

This strategic move involved the seamless integration of approximately 1,600 highly skilled professionals from the former Alitalia team, solidifying Swissport Italy’s position as a trusted industry leader in this dynamic market.

In October 2022, Milan-Linate airport was added to the Italian portfolio, bringing the total number of Swissport employees in Italy to an impressive 2,355.


Today, we proudly serve a distinguished group of 34 airlines, of which an impressive 43 percent operate an intercontinental route network.

Strengthening our customer relationships, Swissport Italy has implemented innovative measures such as assigning Key Account Managers (KAM) and embracing the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer rating system that evaluates Swissport‘s weekly performance.

In its inaugural year of operation, Swissport Italy has accomplished extraordinary milestones.

The team expertly handled nearly 69,000 flights, served 8.1 million passengers, and efficiently processed an astounding 4.7 million pieces of baggage.

Moreover, Swissport‘s commitment to punctuality has resulted in an impressive average punctuality rate of approximately 95% for our customers’ flights.

“I am incredibly proud to witness the rapid and positive development of Swissport Italy,” says Marina Bottelli, Managing Director of Swissport Italy.

“The remarkable milestones we have achieved, and the level of performance we deliver demonstrate that our processes are not just well-established, but they are also setting the industry benchmark for airport ground services in Italy.

“Our highly motivated and dedicated employees are the heart and soul of our success, and their commitment drives our journey towards even greater heights.”


As Swissport Italy joyfully celebrates its first anniversary, our commitment to delivering excellence remains stronger than ever. With a dynamic leadership team and a dedicated workforce, strong customer relationships, and an unwavering focus on continuous improvement, Swissport Italy is poised for sustained growth.

“Swissport Italy’s achievements reflect the dedication and expertise of our team and they underscore our focus on economic growth and the creation of opportunity,” says Bruno Stefani, CEO of DACH, Italy and France.

“Our Italian market entry was of strategic importance and delivers on our ambitious growth and acquisition plan.”