Tahltan Nation Development Corporation takes over fuel service operations at Dease Lake Airport

posted on 30th August 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Tahltan Nation Development Corporation takes over fuel service operations at Dease Lake Airport

Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) has announced it is now the fuel service provider at the Dease Lake Airport (CYDL).

Serving up to 25 aircraft weekly, TNDC’s fuel operations at CYDL will support medical evacuations, crew changes at the Red Chris mine, firefighting, and allow private aircraft a dedicated fuel source.

The Dease Lake Airport is a vital community resource in health and emergency operations as well as a central access point for the exploration/mining industry in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle.

Extensive safety and capital upgrades, including runway repaving and lighting improvements, carried out in 2021, led to a significant reduction in medevac times, from 20.5 hours to 5.3 hours.

As the contract airport operator of CYDL, TNDC is the one of only a few Indigenous organizations to manage an airport in British Columbia.

In addition to fuel operations, TNDC Airport Services is responsible for inspections, maintenance and ongoing operations of the airport, including snow and brush clearing, runway friction tests, runway sweeping, grounds maintenance, passenger and ground handling, and de-icing of aircraft.

“Assuming fuel operations at CYDL is another milestone in TNDC’s goal to provide all aspects of airport services at the Dease Lake Airport,” says Paul Gruner, CEO, TNDC.

“This critical infrastructure is relied upon by the exploration and mining industry, government and local community for reliable fuel for medevacs, firefighting, and in future, commercial flights.

“It is one more example of TNDC diversifying our business and becoming an integrated full-service provider and trusted partner to our clients.

“Moreover, it is expanding the skills of our local Tahltan workforce, providing full-time year-round employment.

“We appreciate the continued support of Newcrest Mining and Stikine Airport Society and their confidence in TNDC.”