TVH invests in over 3,200 new solar panels

posted on 2nd March 2021 by Eddie Saunders
TVH invests in over 3,200 new solar panels

TVH, global player in the field of parts for forklifts, industrial vehicles and agricultural tractors, continues to invest in green energy. With its new installation of 3,260 strategically placed solar panels in Waregem, the company brings its total number of solar panels in Belgium to 26,605. This way, TVH continues to work towards carbon neutrality.

On 24 February, the new solar panels were officially commissioned. The installation is good for a peak power output of almost 1,200 kilowatts. Approximately 80% of the yield will be used for own consumption, the rest will be injected into the electricity grid. “The panels reduce our consumption from the mains grid by 15% and make us a lot more energy efficient”, explains Luc Rasschaert, facility manager at TVH. “In Belgium, some 50% of our energy is now green.”

East and west orientation

Instead of a south-facing orientation, the new solar panels were given an east-facing and a west-facing orientation. “A well-considered choice”, explains Luc Rasschaert. “This allowed us to install more panels and flatten our energy curve. Whereas a purely south-facing installation provides a concentrated energy peak, we now also receive energy earlier and later in the day. An additional advantage: we were able to make savings in the installation itself. Because of the flattened curve, we have to use fewer power inverters.”

Corporate social responsibility

The urge to invest in green, sustainable energy is high, says TVH. On the one hand, it is about reducing overall energy consumption, and on the other hand, it is about investing in sustainable projects. The fact that TVH was internationally recognised for corporate sustainability last year and sponsored the planting of a new forest at the beginning of this year also bears witness to this green mindset.

Luc Rasschaert: “If we can contribute to a more balanced energy story in Belgium and beyond, gladly. In concrete terms, this means that we think sufficiently in the long term and evaluate continuously. We keep a close eye on the energy market and developments in technology. There are definitely more green initiatives in the pipeline.”