UK aviation sector in ‘good health’ as aircraft orders and deliveries remain ‘buoyant’

posted on 4th September 2023 by William Hallowell
UK aviation sector in 'good health' as aircraft orders and deliveries remain 'buoyant'

The UK aviation sector is in “good health” after a “recording breaking” first half of 2023 as the number of aircraft orders and deliveries has remained stable, according to a new report.

ADS Group, a trade association covering aerospace, defence and security, has published a new report praising the UK’s aviation sector. It highlights that 112 aircraft were ordered in July this year.

It also records the delivery of 691 aircraft in 2023 to date, with 109 aircraft of those delivered in July. This marks the best July since 2018, as the aerospace sector continues its post-pandemic recovery, reported ADS.

Aimie Stone, chief economist at ADS, said: “With the aircraft order backlog remaining above pre-pandemic levels and continuing to grow, the long aircraft lead times from order to delivery means decision makers can take charge to enhance innovation.

“The backlog will enable future aircraft to become more efficient and sustainable, with UK industry having a unique opportunity to identify, accelerate and develop more efficient and sustainable aircraft technologies.”

To date this year, 1,179 aircraft orders have been placed, which ADS said shows “a healthy order number following the record-breaking orders made at Paris Airshow in June”.

ADS records that there have been 136 cancellations of aircraft, which shows a 68 per cent decrease in the number of order cancellations compared to 2022 as a full year, and is “an indication of decision makers holding firm on the choices of aircraft previously made”.

The backlog of aircraft orders continues to be above pre-pandemic levels and compared to July 2022, grew seven per cent to 14,462 aircraft according to ADS’ report. At current production rates, the aircraft order backlog represents more than seven years’ worth of work and a value of £219 billion to the UK.

Image credit: via Adobe Stock