VIGGO adopts XOPS to make its legacy GSE smart!

posted on 30th January 2023 by Eddie Saunders
VIGGO adopts XOPS to make its legacy GSE smart!

Viggo is the biggest independent Airport Service provider in the Netherlands with operations in Eindhoven and Schiphol, serving >15MNL pax annually.

Viggo has fully implemented  XOPS as telemetry to monitor all its GPUs and Towbarless tractors.

Jelmer Melissen, the Viggo’s Chief Officer Technology: “Thanks to the XOPS system Viggo can remotely monitor, report all relevant technical and behavioural parameters of the units.

“Such as, yet not limited to the location, power production, battery state and error codes.

“All 24/7 though an easy to access customizable application.

Thanks to XOPS Viggo has been able to improve the reliability and thus uptime of the units, and it can monitor exactly which parked aircraft used how much time or energy for a paperless invoicing process.”