Former veteran appointed the Wayne County Airport Authority’s Interim CEO

posted on 17th January 2019 by yumna

Former army veteran and chief executive officer for the Wayne County Airport Authority—the organization that operates the Detroit Metro and Willow Run airports—has been appointed the Authority’s Interim CEO.

Chad Newton, who served as vice president for public safety at the airport, was appointed to the permanent CEO post in November last year (2018).

According to AviationPros, Mr Newton will make $280,150 a year as part of his three-year contractual agreement. This came two months after he was assigned the added responsibility of overseeing Willow Run Airport in May 2018.

Nabih Ayad, Airport Authority Board Chairman, said he not only recognised Newton’s experience and leadership skills, but also his understanding diversity and inclusion for all citizens of this region.

At the beginning of last year, Joseph Nardone—former CEO— left to take a similar role at the Columbus Regional Airport Authority in Ohio. The airport authority has been without a permanent CEO since then. Genelle Allen, Wayne County’s chief operating officer, served as interim CEO before Newton.

According to the Wayne County Airport Authority, Mr Newton has more than 19 years of airport experience and nearly 30 years as a law enforcement professional gained after graduating from the FBI National Academy.

He moved to the Wayne County Airport Police Department 20 years ago, where he advanced through the ranks becoming the Vice President of Public Safety for the Wayne County Airport Authority.